The Australian Institute for Performing Arts Talent Development Program is designed for performers who seek international training and performance opportunities at an industry level. The programs are educationally based and taught by top professionals currently working in the industry. These projects exceed the reach of local dance school tours or school trips. They are designed to provide an advanced level of training, performance and industry experience and are exhilarating, rewarding but exhausting.
For passionate young performers 8 – 13 years, we provide short programs in Australia and extended projects internationally for the child and a parent. Parents are invited to attend optional information sessions throughout the project so that they may gain more of an insight into how the industry works and the path that their child is interested in pursuing.
For teenagers, AIPA Talent Development Projects allow students to be challenged in their craft, explore international training and performance opportunities, train at some of the finest institutions in the world, record at some of the best studios in the US and build a solid and industry recognised resume, that is advantageous to later career success.
For adults, the courses offered are as close to an industry experience as you can get. Courses involve small group work as well as one of one interaction with some of the worlds top decision makers, mentors and teachers in the various disciplines. Students are treated as industry professionals by industry professionals. The career development that has arisen from these courses and the measurable success stories both personal and professional are testament to the program.
AIPA’s Talent Development Programs in the various disciplines are known for their consistency and outstanding reputation. We encourage you to read and watch the testimonials and contact us for further information and audition requirements.
The Australian Institute for Performing Arts is incorporated in the state of California and bonded under AB1319 - Bond # 100194001
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