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The International Actors Masterclass – Los Angeles, May 2019

To Audition: Applications open 1 September 2018
Actors should call AIPA’s Sydney (+61 2 9966 5425) office and ask any questions you may have. You can also Skype with us in LA: aipausoffice in SYD: aipasydneyoffice.

About: The International Actors’ Masterclass (IAM) is without a doubt one, the premier training program for actors from across the world who wish to train in Los Angeles and believe that they are ready to work at the level of an ‘in-demand’ working actor. IAM is AIPA’s signature course in LA. Tutors are all of the highest repute and are booked based on the material they work on and their markets. The course is four weeks of intensive learning through classroom and practical experience. IAM curriculum includes scene study, US dialect, the business of the business, legal considerations, self-taping, and audition technique with both verbal and written feedback. We alter our curriculum each year to ensure that our students have the latest information and are prepared for the current marketplace. Our aim is to strengthen ‘bookability’ and skill level by introducing actors to industry professionals who can share their knowledge and expertise to further an emerging actors’ training.

Ages: We are working with two age groups within IAM:
1) Actors who play teens and college students (Play 12 – 21 years)
2) Actors who play established professionals, young moms/dads up to established moms/dads and experienced adults. (Play 22 – 60 years)

Project Dates: Sunday 29 April to Sunday 27 May 2019

Cost: US$5570.00 (tuition)
Please see fact sheet for accommodation options.

For more information, download and/or print the PDF.

If I have other questions that aren’t addressed here, what should I do?
Please contact us through the contact form on this website or by calling us. The Sydney office can be contacted on 02 9966 4473 or aipasydneyoffice (On Skype) or aipausoffice (On Skype).

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