hollywood xmas parade

Thanksgiving & Christmas Parade – L.A. & Chicago, November 2019

About: Sing and dance in front of millions of people in Los Angeles and Chicago at two of the US’s biggest celebrations. Think School Spec but on a bigger scale. Televised to over 300 000 000 people across the US and additional viewers online. Take classes in between the parades with industry choreographers and vocal coaches and more

TACP is a world first and one of the best performance opportunities for Australian performers to gain US credits. TACP offers singers and dancers the opportunity to perform live in front of millions of people representing Australia at two of the US’s biggest parades – the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago & the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Hollywood, California. Both these events are televised across the US to hundreds of millions of viewers as well as local media agencies. Both parades are also streamed online to a worldwide audience. The Hollywood Christmas Parade boasts a live audience of over two million people watching and lining the streets. In addition to these performances, students will take masterclasses with amazing industry choreographers and vocal coaches.

To Audition: Prospective cast members can audition live or via a taped audition. Whether you wish to audition live or via tape, “performance” ability and the ability to follow direction are essential and must be demonstrated. Tapes must be received via a link no later than the last day of live auditions. Please contact the office for these. 02 9966 5425.

Audition Dates:

Ages: This program is designed for students aged 12 – 20 yrs.

Dates: November 2019

Rehearsals: The Australian rehearsals will be held at AIPA’s studios in Artarmon, Sydney. July, 2019 (inclusive).

Cost: USD $3878.00 (Quad) Please see the FACT Sheet for all details

If I have other questions that aren’t addressed here, what should I do?
Please contact us through the contact form on this website or by calling us. The Sydney office can be contacted on 02 9966 5425 or aipasydneyoffice (On Skype)

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