Lisa Beach Masterclass



Lisa will run classes in Sydney, Wollongong and the Gold Coast in late November. She is starting early each day as she has a back to back, fly in/fly out meeting-packed schedule. This also allows actors to get to school or work without missing too much


Lisa is running classes on self-taping and encouraging all students to pre-tape sides (that will be provided on enrolment prior to the class) and send her the link so that she can review and go through the tape with each actor. It’s a great way to gain feedback on what was good, what would stop casting watching the tape, and what could get them a call-back. She will go through tapes with the class so that actors can gain a real understanding of the process and other influencing factors. Lisa will read with each actor giving direction and allowing them to re-tape their scene in the room and take home the footage to compare the before and after.


For children’s classes, (13 and under) parents can attend the first half of the session to ask questions and hear about the process of auditioning in the US and self-taping. This will be invaluable as understanding what is required is essential.  There is no cost for a parent to attend with their child. One adult per child.


CLASS FORMAT: Lisa will start with a Q&A. She will then play back tapes for discussion and read with each actor, giving them direction. The actor will read again applying the direction and have the opportunity to tape the piece if they so choose. The class will finish with a wrap up and final Q&A in case other questions have come up.


ABOUT LISA BEACH: Lisa Beach (CSA) Is an award-winning casting director from Los Angeles who will be in Sydney in November to share her experience and expertise about the US film and television industry. Lisa cast films such as Wolverine, 3:10 to Yuma, Wedding Crashers, We’re the Millers, Horrible Bosses and 60+ other titles. She is a voting member of the Academy Awards and films she has cast have won Golden Globes, SAG awards & Oscars!


CAN I PUT THIS ON MY RESUME? Absolutely. If you ask nicely Lisa should do a group photo with you all as well.


BRING: Bottle of water, headshot & resume (if you have one), two copies of the sides (script), a phone or camera if you would like to record your re-read with Lisa.


RESOURCES: Once you have enrolled, please email with your name, playing age range, email address and the class code. You will then be sent sides to select from.


PREPARATION: 1) Prepare ONE set of sides. Self-tape the sides (US accent is optional) and upload to Vimeo. This can be shot on an iphone, camera etc. Please mark it private and use password LISA

2) Email the link NO LATER than MIDNIGHT on Tuesday 28th November, 2017 to

3) In subject line please put your name and class code.

4) You will receive a confirmation that it has been received.


COST: A$270.00 + gst (group classes).


TO BOOK: Please select the date and venue that suits you best and obviously the age group you fit into.




Fri 1st Dec            Private lessons available by appointment. Please call 02 9966 5425 to discuss suitability and price.


Sat 2nd Dec         CLASS CODE: LBSY01            TIME: 7.00 – 11.00am           AGES: 8 – 13 (+ parent, at no additional cost)

Sat 2nd Dec         CLASS CODE: LBSY02           TIME: 11.30am – 3.30pm     AGES: 14 +                                                       


Gold Coast

Sun 3rd Dec        CLASS CODE: LBGC1             TIME: 7.30am – 11.30am      AGES: 8 – 13 (+ parent, at no additional cost) 

Sun 3rd Dec        CLASS CODE: LBGC2            TIME: 12.00pm – 4.00pm     AGES: 14 +                                                     


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